Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Taranaki fences

I'm very much an occasional blogger these days.  I don't post while I'm away from home and I've been tripping around a bit lately.    Below are some fences near my daughter's home in Taranaki.  Just practical farm fences in farming countryside.

  Raindrops clinging to a farm fence

 The family returning from a late afternoon bike ride.
Arriving home

 Looking back the way they have come earlier in the day.

The view from Aiden's school

Since I joined Good Fences and embraced the fence I don't need to get cross every time a fence gets in the way of my shots.  Which is just as well as it sure happens a lot!  Now I just have to learn to love power poles!


  1. Wonderful lighting in these...I am especially fond of the first photo of the bikeriders...but really like them all.

    As for powerlines, unless they are obnoxious, I have gotten till I don't mind them.

  2. Nice fences lining the roads, and the power poles don't detract here. They almost look like a larger fence post.

  3. Such a nice idea going for family bike rides, a neat way to spend time together, was it cold there?

  4. Fences can be photogenic but I doubt power poles can. Take them out with post processing. Love the scenery and late afternoon sun.


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